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Nourishing Winter Meals Planned by a Prudent Pensioner

is the title of a book Doreen has published and is now available on Amazon. It is a no frills guide to getting the most from your budget.

She has taken a break from writing poems and written this book showing how she plans ahead together with recipes for 21 inexpensive, wholesome main meals, 6 soups and a few cakes and puddings.

For more information see the Prudent Pensioner page.

As an entertainer, Doreen has enchanted many audiences throughout the UK with her homespun amusing poems & tales of everyday life.

She has been described as "very funny" and "has the ability to write an amusing tale about even the most mundane event".

Doreen is a member of Equity.

Books of Doreen's poems are available to purchase from Amazon

She has also published a simple guide. How I Write Amusing Poems This is based on her workshops and may be will inspire more people to observe, find inspiration and pleasure in writing and sharing light hearted tales.

For those who prefer to listen to her reading these poems, as you can see on the left of this page, they are available on CD and Digital Downloads.

Doreen is busy working on more recordings, more E books, new shows and more songs. So, as they say, Watch this Space….

The Same Ol' Me
The Same Ol' Me
Facts, Fibs etc
Facts, Fibs etc

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No Socks to Wash     
POEMS on CDs     
The Same Ol' Me     
Facts, Fibs & a Pinch of Salt     
Digital Downloads     
No Socks to Wash     
Reflections on the Festive Season     
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